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Presidential Ambassador Project


December 12, 10:45 a.m. EST

Washington, D.C.


You have just been informed that you will be traveling with the President on his good-will tour of Latin America and Spain.  There will be a variety of stops along the way, but you and your team will be required to become experts on ONE area.  The President anticipates doing some sightseeing, so include a variety of tourist attractions for him to choose from.  You will brief the rest of the group, including the President, via a Power Point Presentation.  You only have 7 days to prepare your presentation, in addition to your regular workload, so work diligently and plan accordingly.  The President's aid has provided you with a list of information that must be included in your presentation.  Good luck, and make America proud!

Stops along the way:

  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Panama  
  • Puerto Rico
  • Cuba
  • Mexico


Remember:  The Program Director is here to help you, but she requires that you consult 3 sources (handouts, you own group members, another groups members) BEFORE you ask her!  This is called the 3 before me method.  She will be asking who and what you checked before you talked to her, so be prepared!