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Presidential Ambassador Project
Action Plan


1.  E-journals must be maintained throughout this e-venture. 

Look at the E-JOURNAL link and the E-JOURNAL RUBRIC so you know what the expectations are. (Days 1-7)


2.  Keep a word processing program open whenever you are working (MicrosoftWord or AppleWorks).  (Days 1-7)


3. Create a PICTURE DICTIONARY.  (Day 1)


4.  Create a KWL: LATINOS IN THE U.S. Grid.  (Day 2)


5.  Create a TRAVEL BROCHURE.  (Days 3 & 4)


6.  Teams break down into pairs. Complete the POWER POINT TUTORIAL (Day 5)




8.  Team presentation of PRESIDENTIAL POWER POINT BRIEFING (Day 7)



Remember: The Project Director is here to help you, but she requires that you consult 3 sources (handouts, you own group members, another groups members) BEFORE you ask her!  This is called the 3 before me method.  She will be asking who and what you checked before you talked to her, so be prepared!