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Presidential Ambassador Project


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E-journals are to be completed individually, and must include:

  • An entry for each date that you search online.
  • Document all of the sites visited.  Include title, author, URL, date visited.
  • Include MAPping information (Meta-Web information, Author, and Purpose) for each website used in Travel Brochure.
  • You must rate each site:
****Site contains tons of useful information.
***Site contains some useful information.
**Site contains little useful information.
*Site contains no useful information.
  • Rate and detail the involvment and participation of yourself and your teammates daily. 


Name of teammate

4 = Participated fully and actively in the task at hand.

3 = Contributed the majority of the time.  Could have been a more active participant.

2 = Contributed several times.  Would  not be considered an active participant.

1 = Contributed little or nothing.  Project could have been completed just as effectively without this group member.

Include reasons why you chose the number you did.





NOTE: E-journal will be graded as a project.

Tacking Down a Memo

  • Keep word processor open whenever you are working.
  • Copy and Paste the name of the site and the URL into your e-journal.
  • Make brief comments as you go so that you do not have to revisit the site at a later date in order to remember what was on the site.
  • The * rating can be added at a later time if necessary, because your notes will give you all the information you need to rate the site.
  • Do NOT wait until the last day to create your e-journal because it will be impossible to do your best work.
  • A little extra time now will save you loads of extra time later!!!

E-journal will be due the same day as the Presidential Power Point Briefing.