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KWL: Latinos in the United States
Presidential Ambassador Project

What I Know-What I Want to know-What I Learned

As if you don't already have enough to do, the President has requested that your team do some research on Latinos in the United States so that he has the information to use on his trip.  The best way for you to organize this info is using a KWL grid that you must create using a word processing program.

  • You must create a 3-column grid using a word-processing program (MicrosoftWord or AppleWorks). 
  • Label the columns: What I Know-What I Want to know-What I Learned. 
  • Bold headings.
  • Information typed below headings in the columns should be regular text (NOT BOLD).
  • In the K column, type everything that you already Know about Latinos in the United States.  Use your textbook and notes as a reference.
  • In the W column, type everything that you might Want to know about Latinos in the United States.  Use your textbook and notes as a reference.  Include the Essential Questions provided at the right.
  • With another team member, research the answers to the Essential Questions in your Want to know column.
  • In the What I Learned column, type the answers to the Essential Questions.
  • Label each answer in the L column Political, Social, Economic, and/or Cultural 
  • NOTE:  One fact may fall into multiple categories!!!


Essential Questions to be included in the W column:
  • Who are Latinos? 
  • Where are Latinos from? 
  • Is there a difference between Latino and Hispanic?
  • Do you know of any famous Latinos?
  • Do you know any Latinos personally?
  • How many Latinos live in the United States?
  • Where in the United States do most Latinos live?
  • Are the numbers of Latinos in the United States growing or shrinking?
  • Does this affect U.S. politics?  U.S. society?  The U.S. economy?  The U.S. culture?  How?
  • What are some of the issues concerning Latinos in the U.S. today?
  • How useful do you think it will be for Americans to know how to speak Spanish in the next 10 years?


Use bullets to separate the facts.

Create a system to label facts Political, Social, Economic, Cultural



  • Use just the letters P, S, E and C
  • Highlight using 4 different colors for the 4 categories.
  • Type the facts using different colored text for the 4 categories
  • NOTE:  Be sure to create a key so that the reader is able to decipher the meaning of the different colors.

                                        MAINTAIN YOUR E-JOURNAL!
Next Step: Travel Brochure

KWL Rubric
Multi-team discussion to follow completion of KWL.
KWL will count as a test grade.