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Presidential Ambassador Project
Presidential Power Point Briefing


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Presidential Power Point Briefing
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  • The President's aid has provided a list of questions that the President has about the ONE country that your team is going to brief him on (Spain, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Mexico).
  • Divide the questions among all of the team members.
  • Research to find answers to the questions.
  • Complete the Power Point Tutorial to learn how to create the slides that your Briefing will be presented on.
  • Create the slides that provide the information that answers the questions that you are responsible for.
  • Be sure to save as you go, both on the hard drive and on disk or in your network folder.
  • As a team, compile the slides to create one Presidential Power Point Briefing.

What the President needs to know:


1.  Who is giving the presentation?


2.  What country are you an expert on?


3.  What is the capital of the country?


4.  Where is the country located?


5.  What countries or waterways border this country?


6.  Who is the leader of that country?


7.  What type of government does the country/area have?


8.  What type of relationship does the United States have

with this country/area historically?


9.  What is the population of the country/area?


10.  What types of geographical features might the President

see (mountains, rivers, deserts, etc.)?


11.  What is the type of currency is used?


12.  What is the exchange rate?


13.  What is the average income for the people in this country/area?


14.  Would this country be considered a modern society?


15.  What religion is prevalent in this country/area?


16.  What is the major mode of transportation?


17.  What types of holidays and festivities are celebrated in this country/area?


18.  What would be considered the countries specialty resources or industry (tobacco, crafts, salt, etc.)?


19.  When you travel in December, what will the weather be like?


20.  What would you suggest the President do as a tourist?  (at least 3 activities)


21.  What should the President pack?


22.  What are some of the Spanish words and phrases that the President should learn to use on this trip?


Finding a Spanish-Speaking E-pal is optional, but will be tons of fun, and worth some extra credit too!!!